Art Advising

Is your dream for a harmonious and systematic collection? Are you looking for a thematic or historical approach, or one devoted to a group of artists? With your profile as a collector in mind, we will introduce you to works that will make your dream a reality. We offer you the privilege of deciding whether to acquire masterpieces that are only available to few. We can open the doors to the studios to some covetable artists on the international scene. We can train your eyes to see and appreciate even the most sophisticated and innovative languages of art and its poetry, with intelligence and sensitivity. Creating a collection with a personal Art Consultant is a very rewarding experience, requiring participation to shows, and to art art fairs.

If, on the other hand, the architect or interior designer has handed you the keys to your new home and you’re keen to see those white walls come to life, we can help find complimentary pieces of art to integrate into your interior and exteriors spaces. Wherever possible, we can build up a collection for you, designing it around a theme, a historical period or a group of artists. Considering variables such as your style, your culture, your available space and its architectural characteristics, the type of image you wish to convey, we will only select works of very high quality and which also offers an excellent investment over the years.



Art Investments

Works of art have always been one of the most fascinating investment sectors. An investment that can be extremely profitable if managed by professionals. If you want to make a significant investment in art and you are aware of the fact that often the truly important works don’t even reach the galleries or auctions, but circulate in privileged and reserved channels, then turn to us. With our expertise, our exclusive relationships, our international network of gallerists and dealers, who are active on the world’s main art markets, from London to New York and the West Coast, we are in a position to offer you prime works executed by relevant artists, past or present. 

Likewise you can entrust the artworks to us you intend to sell. We are constantly in search of important works to include in the collections we handle and are able to offer you highly select international buyers.




Curating and Styling for Interiors

With considerable previous experience in Interior Design, Alexandra Ray, can style your home with art. Always on the look out for talent, and helping young emerging artists who need a platform, she has curated many a pop up show, which in turn, generates a lot of interesting available art for the residential client. As a participating art consultant with the San Francisco Decorator Showcase houses for the last four years, Ray loves to work with architects and interior designers looking to help clients purchase the “right” pieces of art in their homes.

Art Handling

We handle everything from framing, art insurance, packing, handling, transportation to installation and documentation with our trusted teams of professionals.