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At first glance Meike Legler's textile works might seem as an homage to all the great abstract hard edge painters from before her time, but in fact her work is quite autobiographical about the time she lives in. Legler holds a degree in fashion design from HTW in Berlin, but after a few years of working in the fashion industry decided it wasn't holding up to her personal values of what life should be, not only as a designer and worker, but also as a consumer. Legler who comes from West Germany and was a child during the 1980's was well aware of borders, politics, and that she lived in a divided nation. This division gave her the empathy and compassion that would fuel her adult life. Her fragment series delves into the divisions she experienced growing up and also now as an adult. These fragmented experiences are pieced together with colorful shapes of fabric seamlessly patch worked. These represent emotions, memory, cultural and political borders, and inherent spiritual notes, executed in monochromatic color fields. They are offset with blasts of color striking across the plane representing a form of enlightenment, in what can sometimes be a dark world we live in