2015      Napa Valley Collects, Napa Valley MuseuUSA

2013      Liquidity, Havana the Long View, Gallery 16 San Francisco CA. USA

2012      Liquidity, The Journey of Water, Galeria Galiano, Centro Habana, Cuba

2010      One World Portrait, Lehigh University Art Gallery Museum LUAG Gallery, Bethleham, PA, USA

 2009      Water: Liquid: Instability291 Gallery, San Francisco USA

2009      One World Portrait, Havana Bienal, Havana Cuba      

2009      One World Portrait, Y2Y Gallery, San Francisco USA

 2009      The Perspective Show: Straight Lines in a Round World, Ogilvy New York USA

2008      The Perspective Show:Straight Lines in a Round World ,291 Gallery SanFrancisco, California

 2007       Being and Seeming, 30 years of Self Portraits, Casa Escorza, Gaudalajara, Mexico

 2007     “A Series of Series” di Ros Preserve,Gatehouse Gallery, Napa California

 2006      “A Series of Series” Ex Convento del Carmen, Guadalajara, Mexico

 2006       Included in the Bienal, Havana, Cuba

2004     Untitled (Portrait of Gunter Gerzo)Permanent collection of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, (Santa Barbara) 

2004     Terra Firma, The Roots of Community.Portraits of rural life. Museum Fototeca de Cuba, (Havana, Cuba)

2004      Terra Firma, The Roots of Community.Portraits of rural life . The Branson School, (Ross, California)

2003     The Rurals: Soul to Soul.  Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX). August - October

The Rurals: Soul to Soul.  Center for Contemporary Arts (Abilene, TX).  March

1999     The Possibility of the Impossible: Rural Portraits of Cuba and the United States of America.  ITESO, Centro Cultural (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico).

1998     The Color of Black & White.  Digital Pond Gallery (San Francisco).

 1996     The Rurals.  Robert Mondavi Winery (Oakville, CA).  January - March

 1996     One Vision: Two Perspectives.  Gallery 16 (San Francisco).  January - February

 1995     Journey into the Interior: Photographs of Rural Life.  Vision Gallery (San Francisco). 

1994     Una Visión, Dos Perspectivas: La Fotografía de Jock McDonald (“One Vision, Two Perspectives: The Photography of Jock McDonald”); A Retrospective Exhibition 1984-1994.

Exconvento del Carmen (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico).  Co-produced by the Governor and Minister of Culture of the State of Jalisco, the US Consul General, the Embassy of Canada, and SAR, Ltd.

1994     Here and Now: Bay Area Masterworks from the di Rosa Collection, a featured artist.

Oakland Museum (Oakland, CA).

Portraits by Jock McDonald.  Academy of Art College (San Francisco).

1993     The Rurals: Kindred Faces of Country Life in Russia, Ukraine and Southern Illinois.

Belcher Street Studios (San Francisco).

1991     Positive Negatives: Portraits of Courageous Russian and American Public Figures.

Fortress of Peter and Paul (Leningrad , USSR).

Positive Negatives: Portraits of Courageous Russian and American Public Figures

Ukrainian Republic Social & Cultural Center (Kiev, Ukraine, USSR)

1989     Photographs by Jock McDonald.  The Atrium Gallery, Joseph Lurie Company (San Francisco).

Positive Negatives.  St. John’s College (Santa Fe, NM).

Visions in View, a nationwide Eastman Kodak tour.  McDonald’s portraits were the only black-and-white photographs included.

1987     Comic Celebrity Portraits. San Francisco Suicide Prevention Benefit, San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center;  De Young Museum (San Francisco).

1986     Photo-linen Portraits of California Artists.  Fuller-Goldeen Gallery (San Francisco).


2016        The Idea Lounge, Art in Our Own Image, Petaluma, California

2009         The Beauty and Intention of Film, San Francisco California

2008       The Art of Seeing, Sonoma California

2007       Casa Escorza”The Cultural Power of photography” Gaudalajara, Mexico

2007       di Rosa Preserve “Interpertingperspective on Culture” with Bernardo Huzo Gonzales and Sergei Samborski

2005     “How To Get There from Here”, City College of San Francisco,Concert and Lecture Series

2004       The Art of Farming, Cal Poly , San Luis Obispo

2004      Guest Artist, Master Class. California State University Summer Arts (Fresno)           

2004      Teacher, Illustrative Portraiture, Fall 2003 Academy of Art (San Francisco)

2002      I’ve been there and there’s no there there.  Oxbow School (Napa, CA)

Capitalism Versus Communism and the Spiritual Ramifications on the Artistic Temperament. Di Rosa Preserve (Napa, CA).

1997     A Model Approach to Shooting ‘Real People’ and getting Great Results. PHOTO ‘97 Conference at VISCOMM ‘97(Los Angeles);  American Institute of Graphic Arts, Phoenix Chapter (Phoenix, AZ).

1994     A Model Approach to Shooting ‘Real People’ and Getting Great Results.  PHOTO Conference ‘94 at VISCOMM ‘94, Javits Center (NewYork City);  PHOTO West ‘94 Conference at VISCOMM ‘94, Moscone Center (San Francisco).

1993    Journeys Into the Interior: Photographs of Rural Russians, Ukrainians and Americans.  Saybrook Institute Graduate School & Research Center (San Francisco).

1993     A Model Approach to Shooting ‘Real People’ and Getting Great Results.  PHOTO ‘94 Conference at VISCOMM ‘94, Javits Center (NewYork City);  PHOTO West ‘94 Conference at VISCOMM West ‘94, Moscone Center (San Francisco).

1992     Russians, with Love.  An article in San Francisco Chronicle’s “This World.”

Lover of the Image.  American Photographers Association seminars and courses: City College (San Francisco); the Academy of Art (San Francisco); and the Art Center College of Design (Switzerland)


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