James Porschen’s (b 1983. Santa Monica) work abstracts reality, transcending the literal and focusing on the underlying essence of nature, letting it’s sublime reflection emerge. These images stand as a meditation on the balance of nature’s furious and fragile modes. In this world of chaos and illusion, Porschen manages to capture moments of meaning with the quiet assurance of one hand finding the other in the dark. This is achieved by a reduction of specific elements so that the whole dominates the frame rather than any one point. In order to establish a common link in which past, present and future are blurred the landscapes remain void of notions that deal directly with time and space. A visual interference and a breakdown of context is intentional. Having a disorienting effect at times, the perspective of the print is transformed by removing references to scale and origin. With the loss of narrative associations, these images may then serve as vessels for contemplation. Porschen’s influences range from the spiritual connection found in works by Mark Rothko, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Zen art, to the emotive power of abstract expressionists, as well as universal symbols seen in Jungian Archetypes.