Dan Perfect (British, b.1965) is a painter who specializes in tableaus of imagined universes filled with bright colors, architectural or distorted forms, and pieces of comic characters all blended together. Some of his paintings appear to be coming directly from beneath a microscope, with representations of minuscule life forms appearing to float through the image. The vibrant and otherworldly subject matter of his work has brought him great notoriety in certain circles. Perfect has a distinct view on creating a piece of art, seeing it more as a performance than the rendering of what is in his head. He makes the most of every moment of the three months it takes him to create a piece before delivering it to the public. Perfect normally paints with a mixture of oils and acrylics, but he has been known to draw. His work is categorized as Contemporary Abstract, though some have added the adjective "manic" to his work.

When viewed from a distance, the artist’s images play with architectural shapes; the level of micro-detail in his paintings has astounded many viewers and completely changed the perception of pieces inspected more closely. Perfect obtained a BA in Fine Arts (Painting) from Saint Martins School of Art in London, and attended the Chelsea School of Art, where he obtained a DATEC in Art and Design. Perfect also attended the Saint Martins College of Art and Design, where he studied printmaking.

The artist’s first solo exhibition was at the Habitat Gallery in London in 2001 and was called Floating Islands. He was also part of a group exhibition at the Athony d'Offay Gallery in London during that same year. Several other exhibitions followed these, including one in London and another in Dallas, TX, in 2008. Perfect participated in group exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide, Australia, in 2011 and at the London Saatchi Gallery in 2010. Some of his notable works include Antelope Canyon, which is an oil and acrylic on linen, Brujo, and Hung Out, all from 2005. The artist describes his 2007 work, appropriately titled Uproar, as a re-imagination of the world. In 2011, he sold his 2006 work, Biohazard, for an estimated US$19,688 at Christie's in South Kensington. He currently lives and works in London and is represented by the Karsten Schubert Gallery.